Thursday, June 30, 2011

National Mud Day Fun!

It was National Mud Day yesterday and we had a BLAST playing and getting dirty! I purchased a 1.00 bag of topsoil from the hardware store for this and just added water! I figured this way we didn't dig up any holes or kill any grass as we worked in a large planting bin too!

I brought out some containers from the rubbish bin and that added a whole new level of fun! They wondered if they could make castles with the mud and if they could get it to stay! We decided to make Mount Kilamanjaro, as we are studying Africa this week! 

We added flower bulbs that I had leftover from the Season and the kids had so much fun popping those into containers with dirt to make small planters and to also dig them deep into the bin.

Then we started 'cooking' with our mud and made oreo cookie yogurt! haha! There was so much fun being had that we did not even realize that we had been outside so long! Everyone was getting extra dirty, but the laughter that was coming out was making me smile so big that I think I might have looked crazy! haha!

All in all, National Mud Day was a success and we had a blast working with it! What did you do with mud? Please share all your mud related activities in the hop!

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