Friday, June 3, 2011

Paperweights and Learning Fun!

With Father's Day right around the corner, I've been been thinking of all the cool projects we could make for dad. 1 was perfect for the rain-is-coming day we had yesterday! We hit the park and walked the nature trails, all the while looking for rocks! The best ones are by the creek, but only mom was allowed to grab those, since I am still too much of a worrier when I am with the kids alone. We grabbed our bucket of rocks, rub on letters and set to work after dinner! We waited for the rocks to completely dry off, so that they would take the letters better.

The big kids (6,5), worked on spelling out actual words and putting them on the rocks, while the little guy and I worked on individual letters. I would say a letter and he would find the rub-on and together we would rub it onto the rock. We made loads of cool rocks and in the end glued the top one together into 1 paperweight to give Daddy for his office! We hope he likes it!! (No worries, he works so much that he has no time at all to go on the computer, let alone read my blog!)

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