Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reading and Waiting...

While reading about Michaelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, I knew it was time to try out an idea I have been sitting on for quite some time! I put together a small craft kit with stickers, AWESOME Crayola glider crayons and a lantern then I stuck it under the dining room table!
While reading and looking at all the magnificent pieces that make up the Chapel, I left them with the note to ALWAYS look up, no matter where they end up, because sometimes things are not as they appear and could in fact hold wonderful treasures!
After putting together the craft kit, I took a large piece of Paper and taped it under the table, so that if they were to look up they would see a whole new place to enjoy! I don't plan to guide them in any way towards it, I just want to see if they discover it on their own and how long it will take them!! A thank you to TinkerLab for this idea!

So, what are you up to tonight?

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