Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading Nook...

Did you know we like to read in this house? I know, I know, I say it every post! When I went shopping at Ikea today, I went with an idea in mind. My daughter has a castle bed and we are constantly wondering what to do with the underside. It is her clubhouse that we rotate out every now and then to keep it fresh and fun. It has been a movie theatre, game room, party palace and even an extra bed, when the boys were obsessed with her new bed and didn't want to leave! With Summer here, I wanted something that would keep the learning going and a reading nook was the perfect thing! We loaded it down with 3 large and plush cushions (5.00 each) and a blue tray (1.99) that can hold whatever she is working on at the moment.  We laid down a rainbow blanket to work as a rug and the place was brightened up in no time! 

The perfect piece was this fantastic organizer (3.99) that I found in the kids area. I knew right away it would eliminate the need for a bulky book shelf and also highlight old books that I can change out and they become new again! This worked so well in our Educational Nook, that I was so excited to find this! The kids have been in here since we got back, that the blue tray has already served up a snack today too!!
Seeing the 3 of them together doing something so calm and wonderful always makes my heart soar! Yes, I'm loving Ikea and Yes, I'm loving being a mommy! Hope your day was fantastic!


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