Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Our Target has recently went Super, but we missed the grand opening, as we were busy busy busy!
 We stopped in today and fell in love! I love shopping at Target for pretty much everything, throw in some essentials and I just may move in! haha!! I wanted to share some great deals, that may have you heading in too!! First up are these AWESOME Beach Safes! They are on the Dollar Spot Clearance Rack for .25!!! I snagged up loads for my kids and for friends and family too! These are perfect for our Upcoming Disney World trip!!

I did just mention our Disney World trip right?! Hahaha, these books are new for 2011 and they are in the Dollar Spot too!! (2.50) I picked up 1 for each kid, so that they can each mark it up and circle what they want to see. It's fantastic watching them plan and scheme and share ideas together! I will do a more expanded post on this soon!

Sorry for this awful photo, but the lighting was terrible, since my little guy fell asleep on the couch as I was taking the photo and I didn't feel like moving him yet! haha!! Anyways, so many goodies and ALL from the Dollar Spot!! This Lemonade Sign is PERFECT for their upcoming lemonade stand! It is number 25 on our BUCKET LIST!! Sea Life and Reptiles are 2 fantastic books that are perfect to read before we hit the Zoo and the Aquarium this Summer (we have memberships and like to do little projects before we visit). Foam Alphabet Letters are perfect for my littlest guy who is learning to spell his last name alongside his first name! The 2 flashcards are absolutely fantastic!! 1 is all about traffic signs, which we are also going to double into a road bingo game (another post later this week) and then 1 is all about occupations! This is AWESOME for talking to kids about what people do and what they may want to be when they grow up (though so far my kids are pretty set on this!).

The joy I felt when we pulled in and realized that our Target finally got the NEW CARTS!! I LOVE these things and have actually written a letter to the store TWICE in the last year, since I saw them at the other Target we frequent when we are in Chicago. they glide so nicely, that I SWEAR I spend more time in the TARGET just because of these darn things!!

An AWESOME high five to the lady at the snack counter for allowing all 3 of my kids to have a free crazy straw, when we only ordered 1 drink and she didn't even have to give us 1. Thank you for the awesome customer service! It's the little things like that, that have me going back to Target time and time again!

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