Monday, June 20, 2011

Virtual Destinations and Beyond!

Our virtual trip to Mexico was absolutely delightful, but this could be because we have actually toured this Country and can refer to actual photos and memories!

We had fun in the kitchen making a taco bar and quesadillas! We had a blast with papier mache making a pinata (that the kids are NOT allowing to be broken) and enjoyed hopping on SKYPE to talk to some of our family members in Mexico! Now if only the rest of our Countries we had we have on the list we had actually been to, that would be fantastic! haha!

So it's time to stamp your passport and hop on the next flight! We are headed to Brazil and Ecuador!
Here, we plan on touring the equator, Exploring the rain Forest, Peeking in on Carnival and maybe taking a Samba Lesson! We will be making Carnival masks and making Empanadas!
See you in South America!!!


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