Friday, June 10, 2011

We Love to Read!

I love stocking up our library for kids in the house, I keep 2 large bookshelves in the living room full of books and then each child has 2 bookshelves in their room full of more books, needless to say we have a LOT of books! I was in search of a fun age appropriate list of books to plump up their shelves for Summer reading, when I googled Summer book list, and came across a plethora of good things!! I printed one out and stocked up to round out the list and now the kids have gotten into Summer reading with great gusto! They first think of it as a scavenger hunt when looking for a certain book and then we set off to  read it in a new and fun place, whether we take it with us to the park, grandpa's or the beach or just in a new room at home! The kids love being able to cross books off of their list, that sometimes they want to keep reading all day long! We are having a blast reading our way through these lists!

As I mentioned before, we also fill out a book report (Just 1 per book for all of us) about each and every book we read, so that I can be sure they are really absorbing the information and not just racing through to read every book on the list and be done with it. I've saved every filled out report and am putting it into a binder that will be great to pass on to my grandchildren with reviews on books their parents loved! I have put each page into a page protector to keep it safe and preserved.

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