Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adventures in the great Midwest! Part 4

It's time for another Show Us Your Town post! I love these, as it really makes me take a minute to STOP and THINK and realize that when we do things, it's not something to take for granted, that I should take photos and enjoy it. Now I can enjoy sharing it with you too!
This week was SWELTERING in the great Midwest, we had heat indexed days in the 100s! Blahh! Instead of grouchy kids, I  had happy, screaming kids! We walked right over to the neighborhood splash park to spend the day! Walked?? I know, but I figured if they worked up a good sweat, they would play harder and then dry off on the walk home and take a good nap!
This splash park is so much fun and has plenty of seating and picnic areas and even a regular play park. The kids love to go here, but we only hit it up during the week as on the weekend it's a nightmare! haha!! My husband and I totally have a blast running around too! There are squirting guns, kid washes, sprinklers and the like! This splash park is definitely a MUST-Do for the locals and on Friday nights they even do a movie in the park!

Bernadette from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Michelle from MichellesCharmWorld (YAY ME!)

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