Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adventures in the great Midwest! Part 5

It's that time again! Time for another part of SHOW US YOUR TOWN! This past week we had the awesome chance to become members at our local Children's Museum! It was absolutely amazing! We have already been 3 times since the start of our membership on the 5th. We have been here before and always have a great time, so we knew it was time to just add another membership under our belts. This place is top notch from the outdoors all the way in. 2 floors of fun with a giant outdoor maze-type play area with a large water table.
Actually our favorite place is the water table! We all get soaked and have a blast pulling apart the PVC parts to create new flows with the water. We easily spend over an hour of our day here every single time.
This is definitely a place for awesome imagination play as well as getting some real life experience! You can be a construction worker, train conductor, grocery checker, mail person, you name it!
 We played house in the greatest play house ever! This is all part of the new addition that was really done well. All the kids had fun making dinner and doing the laundry as well as tidying up the fun little cottage. Even the flowers in the planters came out!
They had a working ATM (play money!!) and even those awesome bank chutes where you can send the tube over to someone else and chat with them by speakerphone! My youngest loved this even more than the water table!

Next up was the garage. Here the kids could change the tires, muffler, license plates and so much more! The car made sounds and the air drill worked too! Do you spot all 3 of them???
My favorite part of the day was seeing the kids on TV! They have a news center where the kids could see themselves as the reported the days happenings. There was even a weather map, perfect for any little meteorologist in the making.

A great lesson in team work was having the kids build a castle out of these Imagination Playground blocks. They had so much fun that in the end they didn't want to leave! Good thing these were by the exit, so we just stayed until closing time!

Through much trial and error, they were able to build a ball chute that would give the balls enough momentum to round the track and feed itself right back into the castle, so they never had to come out! Do you see all 3 of them?
There is a temporary exhibit all about the force of SPINNING! So many hands on things that made this area fun for everyone, even Daddy had a blast spinning the little ones around. Have you ever been on a segway?? They have one of those to try too! I hopped on and thank goodness Daddy didn't take a picture, because I was not that good at my first round, but it was fun and there is no time limit, since we were the only ones in there!

The giant bubble pool has inspired us to make our own! (Coming next week!) Can you see all 2 of them about to be covered by a bubble?
 Another lesson in teamwork, brings us to this fantastic grain elevator! This is so much fun for sensory play too! I will warn you, it becomes an addiction to try and lift all that grain and keep it going. At one point all 5 of us were going strong!
Here is the view from the giant tractor in the agriculture exhibit! Boy, we never knew how many buttons were in a tractor! My son wanted to push each and every one of them!! haha!
All in all an excellent day was had by all!!

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