Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventures in the great Midwest! Part 6

It's time for another adventure! I hope your week was full of fun and excitement and of course learning. Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies? I am making it a point, that no matter how quickly life goes by, I want to savor moments. It is my goal to learn something new everyday and with that I love for my children to learn new things daily as well. We took this adventure to the Field Museum in Chicago, where we are of course members. There are plenty of things and exhibits to see here, but our priority was the dinosaurs, as we were ready to get into more detail on our dinosaur unit.
I arrived prepared and ready, with our fun dinosaur flashcards and fact book, so that the kids could read about any additional research needed and also play a fun game of Dino Hunt, by finding a dinosaur at the museum and looking through their cards or book to see which one it is. We would then move to one side and read what the exhibit said and read the information on our cards and book! 
They have an AWESOME 3-D movie that tells the story of the T-Rex SUE, which can be found at this museum. SUE is the most complete T-REX in the World. This is a FANTASTIC movie and even my youngest loved it.
There is a large hands-on play lab at this museum and their favorite part of course was digging for dinosaur bones! They absolutely loved this so much, that I just cannot wait to introduce them to the activity I have planned for our upcoming Dino Week!! Yay! We will be digging for our own fossils! 

How perfect is it, that they even had these AWESOME canvas totes for members yesterday?! It is so nice and sturdy, that it has become home to the books and items for our dinosaur study, so that we can transport it all to the library for our lesson!  All in all an awesome museum and we can't wait to go back to look at the new whale exhibit!!

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