Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craft in a Minute: Memory Game

This weeks craft in a minute is so simple, you will be asking yourself, why haven't I made one yet?  What will you need? Felt stickers, Natural Wooden Circles. That's it! Seriously, you just take the backing off the stickers and pop them onto your circle (or any other shape you have handy!). I purchased these circles at Hobby lobby when the unfinished wood is at 50% off!

I have quite a variety of stickers here, but it's only because I used what I had on hand! We are heading off for a long weekend and I wanted some fun 'unplugged' games for the kids to play, while my husband and I are occupied with setting up camp, cooking etc.

The entire game tucks neatly into this Thrifty Find tin from an antique shop (.10). There is even room to add more pieces when I can get more circles and a bigger variety of foam stickers! See? Easy! 

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