Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun with Food...

I'm a firm believer that with kids, presentation is everything! I like to make food fun and get them to smile when they eat! All of the lunches I send to school, I think of as a kiss from mom when they open them, so I like to keep the same train of thought going at home too! Use your cookie cutters to get creative! I honestly use mine for everything!

I also try to relate food to things they are learning in school or what we are reading at home! Do you know who this is??(hint: He's very hungry!) Sams Club has the BEST tiny English cucumbers for this! 

Then of course he turns into a beautiful butterfly! A snack butterfly of course! We painted clothespins and now our afternoon snack was perfect for the road and oh-so-pretty!
Colors always grab at kids, so why hide them in a boring bowl! Bring out the glass so that they can see everything they eat! Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries all share space with yogurt in this delightful dish! Make it pretty and the kids will eat it! 

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