Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun with Games!

Today, I want to share some fun that we came up with recently! My kids love stringing beads on anything and everything they can get their hands on, so I put them to work making bead counters with pipe cleaners. 10 beads per pipe cleaner and we had counting rods. This became perfect to pair with a set of flashcards I made up from a 1-100 pack. I pulled out just the 10s and put them together on a tray with the counters. Perfect for my younger 2 to work on!

Counting to 100! We have an awesome 100s chart that I LOVE and is well used. I had it laminated and we use it with a dry erase marker too. Sometimes you have to get creative and think of new games, to keep the learning fresh and fun. I picked up these colorful card stock circles and made a ring of 0-100 flashcards. Here, they just pull a car and say it aloud (without showing it to the other person) and the other person has to put a circle on the number called out. It can also be played alone as a matching game, which is how my youngest plays!

Alphabet house search is my favorite game and theirs too, I'm sure! I put in little pink letters into different slots of these boxes and the kids head out in search of items that are the correct size. This game is perfect as it allows them some creative learning fun and gives me time to clean house! Yay!

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