Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Spy Bottle Fun

I work from home running my little jewelry shop and I have so many drawers filled with miniatures that it is often paradise for little hands! I love to give them proects to work on while I have orders to fill, but their hands always find their way into my stash! This week I had a large wholesale order to fill and knew I would be working in my studio a lot. The kids got their wish and I told them to each pick out 10 miniatures that they liked from anywhere in the space. Their faces lit up and they were ready to run! I was going to set them up to make I-Spy Bottles and they were so easy to make! 
What You Need:
Water Bottle with end cut off, Beans or Rice, Miniatures, Tape.
I explained to them what they needed to do and after cutting the bottles together, they were off and running. There was a lot of trial and error (too many beans, not enough beans, oops forgot the miniatures!) and a lot of laughing. There were kids covered in tape, beans on the floor, but I got so much work done and when we went to meet daddy for lunch, they were all so excited to show off their new toys!

Even though things may not work out as we expect them to or in the order that we would like them to, we need to remember that children do things at their own pace and they often times have their own ideas. When I saw this little sign, it really spoke to me! It's so very true and really stops to make you think! When all the Dr. toys are pulled out and the entire bin of dolls is laying on the floor along with an entire roll of wrapping paper (the paper that the doctor puts on the bed between patients!!), I have to stop and see the beauty of it all and not be quick to snap! I did add 1.00 store wrapping paper to their playroom though now! haha!!


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