Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sea Shell Count and Match!

I made up a fun counting and matching game for my little guy, just using our collection of sea shells and an old berry container! All 3 of my kids love to play with this, so I also made it a memory game too, by putting in twice as many shells!

Print out the numbered shell pages and laminate them, cut out each individual shell. Then mark up each shell with 1 number (numbers 1-12). I used a broad point sharpie and that works perfect!

For the original game, they pull a shell out of the box and match it to the same shell card. It's a simple card, but keeps them occupied for awhile. I also have them say the number out loud when they pull it. To play the memory game, they put the cards away and take out all the shells and then just turn them number side down and get playing!

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