Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snack Healthy!

Kid Fun Snacking. Quick for Mom and Easy for the Kids!
I keep a tray on the middle shelf of my fridge. Everything on this shelf is for the kids. Juice Boxes, Small Water Bottles and their snacks.
Always Healthy and Super convenient to even toss in the small bottle cooler for a day out.
Disposable cups with lids hold Strawberries
Snack sized bags (portion control) hold:
grapes, apples, carrot fries and Cucumbers (I use a crinkle cutter to give them a fun look for kids)

Square individual sized containers hold Sliced strawberries.
I have small take-out sized sauce containers (SAMS CLUB)

that hold dipping sauces. (Just about 2 tablespoons in each container)
Sugar free Chocolate or Vanilla pudding
Ranch Dressing
This is sooo easy to do once you get home from the grocery store and just replenish it as it gets low.



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