Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Happy Thursday! (Where oh where is Friday???) Today for Thrifty Thursday, I bring you a repurposed game! As you all know I love to use things for more than what they were intended for! Especially to make Thrifty Teaching Aides! So needless to say I was in heaven when I came across this fun find!
I came across this FREE game at a rare Tuesday garage sale today! The lady told me it was free due to all the missing pieces. Guess what? The pieces that were missing were the ones perfect for us!!
Adding in a ring of flashcards, a 1-6 die along with the pads of paper and jumbo letter die, we were ready to roll! 
 Each child gets 1 column on the paper (less paper used). Roll both dice and then write as many words as you can think of that start with that letter. The youngest just has to identify the letter and write it out 3 times on each line.  
After reading many awesome blogs about putting together fort kits for your kids, I quickly put one together for them, to buy myself some much needed laundry time! They were smart to work with our oldest son's bed as it has high posts perfect for this! I love what I found when I was delivering laundry to his room!



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