Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Touch of India!

Our Virtual Vacation has taken us to India this week and we have been having an absolute blast! Today we worked on converting US dollars to Rupees. It's amazing to see all the different types of money on these trips and to learn that they don't equal the same amount as here. We always vote in the end that the other Country has much bolder and prettier money than we do.

We are in the process of setting up for our tea party with tea imported from India and plan on making it a tea house. I made up a pad of these fun guest checks, for the kids to keep track of what is ordered, then convert the total spent into rupees. It's a fun math lesson for all and we are still playing!

August 13th, many Indian Communities will celebrate Raksha Bandhan. This celebrates the bonds between a brother and sister. I found this so moving that we will have our very own little celebration here, on our virtual trip to India. Instead of silk, we will be using regular embroidery floss. I let each child pick out their own color.

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