Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Virtual Destinations and Beyond! United Kingdom and France

 Hello friends! We are travelling to London overnight on our virtual vacation! The flight time from South Africa to London is 11 hours! I've made up the above travel itinerary for all of us on our travels! We had a fantastic time in Africa and now I will share a little bit of that with you! Here is the update that I gave from Africa!
We put together a fantastic puzzle of African Animals as learned all about the ones pictured within, using
THIS fact sheet that I made up! This part was a lot of fun! We also happened to celebrate INTERNATIONAL MUD DAY while in Africa, so we hit the dirt, added some water and had a blast making up a model Mount Kilamanjaro! I wish I had gotten some more photos after we added the safari animals to the mountain, but well....mommy got into the dirty fun and my hands were too filthy to touch the camera! haha!

We learned that many women sell their crafts to make a living and one of things they make is jewelry. I own plenty of beads, but wanted to make the beads! At first I thought paper beads would be fun, but then realized that I had always wanted to try dyeing pasta! We used the instructions HERE and they turned out perfect!

Using the Safari Toob animals that I picked up at Michaels, I created a fun matching fact game HERE! The kids have to read the facts and place the correct animal exactly where they belong! It was so much fun watching them learn and also to make them too! I made this game so that the kids would learn all about the safari we went on! Needless to say it was a FANTASTIC trip to Africa and when the kids wake up, we will be in London!

We will be building model Tower of London bridges and a little red phone booth too! We plan on making many other trips around the Country as well! Castles and Fairytales and so much history. There will also be a fantastic ride on the Chunnel to Paris on Wednesday. This is so very exciting, as I have actually done this ride several times and the kids love hearing all about it! In France we will see and learn about the language and Artists, Landmarks, so much! I can't wait to share it all with you!!
UK - Fish & Chips
France - Chocolate Croissant

See You Soon!



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