Friday, August 5, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days Fridays!

Friday?! Wow, what happened with the week! It's been a brutal week of heat, storms and fun lol! I have tackled 5 more rooms and this time I went over the garbage bag limit, so I started filling Rubbermaid bins and such! The Bathrooms didn't furnish as much as I had hoped, since we don't keep too much in them. I was able to fill the bags with shower curtains though and old bath toys. It was pretty easy to get organized there. The garage offered some resistance, but the best part is that my husband wanted to deal with that! hahah! 
He's awesome because as I sent stuff down, he was photographing it, to make listing it on craigslist so easy. Before the week was up, we have sold everything that we listed and have 3 big bins and boxes heading to the Goodwill tomorrow! Check out my list of cleaning places HERE. I have a more challenging week ahead of me, as I want to get my bedroom done along with a few other difficult clutter spots, like my studio! YIKES!
How have you moved towards a clutter-free lifestyle?

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