Thursday, August 4, 2011

Craft in a Minute: Crafty Center

We are a very creative family, which means there are always artistic baubles laying about. I had containers for everything, but by the week's end, there was usually a little bit of this over here and a little of that over there, with a good amount under tables and such.  I needed to come up with something easier for little hands to use straight away and put away as they work. After trolling Pinterest forever, I found the perfect idea that I could adapt to my needs and use the items I had on hand!

I made up 3 of these, 1 for each creative table center in the house. (Bedroooms and the playroom) I gathered the materials needed:
Glue (E600), small plant pots (leftover from a garden sensory box), Vintage aluminum cups, small plastic bathroom cup and tiny take out container pots. 3 Ikea Lazy Susans & 3 Ikea Pails.

After gluing them all down, I began to fill them up and then left them at each table to dry! Now, even if all 3 kids are working at the same table, they just spin to grab what they need!


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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

A great idea - I like using cups for organizing supplies too :-) That's where many of our old sippy cups are!

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