Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh Friday! 40 bags in 40 day progress!

As I tackled our storage area and the kitchen, those garbage bags just weren't going to cut it this week. I brought in the big dogs! I had to have my husband bring in a LARGE box from work! It's about 6 feet long! This was huge and just perfect! Here is what I have cleaned out so far in this project that is now 15 days in the making! (<-click the link) After filling this box, we have another problem that we didn't quite think about properly. It was HUGE and HEAVY! hahaha!! We had to take out the seats to our van in order to fit the box in and it was still interesting to wedge it in. Too bad that AmVets wasn't going to be picking up for a few more weeks, this would have been perfect for their truck.

Have you made any progress at home lately?



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