Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Tea Time PLUS a Craft in a Minute at the end!

When my youngest wanted to play with mommy today, I wasn't sure what he had in mind. He came out of his room with his smaller box of kitchen stuff and brought it over to our educational nook. As we are in China this week for our Virtual Vacation, I knew we could spin this in that direction! We were going to have a tea party in a Chinese tea house!

I rummaged through my tea collection and came up with just the right tea and set the kettle. While I did that, I had him set the table, so that it would be ready for our tea time. 

While letting the kettle cool a little after brewing our tea, we whipped up a quick batch of mini cupcakes (not quite Chinese, but still fun!). He was in charge of icing and sprinkles.

He was so proud of his sweets, that he put himself in charge of serving them up. It was so cute to watch him be extra careful. This special afternoon party with just him and I was a fun memory!

After our tea was just about done, he decided that he wanted to make some more, just like Mommy did! I didn't want to have to move everything to the playroom, where the big kitchen set and the rest of the kitchen stuff was so I decided to get creative! As we were in the educational nook, I decided to just create something using items that I had right within reach. I turned his small kitchen container upside down, created burners with construction paper and taped those on. He wanted knobs to turn and this was tricky, since I wanted the container to still lie flat for storage. After looking around, I saw foam letters and we used the O's to make the knobs! He had an absolute blast with this the entire afternoon. When the big kids were done with their reading, the wanted to join in the fun too! 
*Stove took about 3 minutes from start to finish!
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