Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Box Tops Season!

School is back in session and we are collecting box tops like mad! Okay, we never stopped, but some parents are new to the program this year and it's time to get them hooked too! Let's GO!

Need to know what products carry Box Tops? Check it out HERE! While you are there printing out the list, take a minute to familiarize yourself with BTFE.Com and you will find SO MANY contests to enter!Do you collect them and not have a local school to give them to? MESSAGE ME and I will send you a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope! My kids go to a super tiny school and every little bit helps!

I made this great table top container to give visual impact to the collection of Box Tops!  We have a large container in the office, but this one is a bit smaller so that I can swap it out easier! I bought the container at the  Dollar Store and they came 2 to a pack! I decorated them both and can now switch them out without having to empty them right there!

Sam's Club was like Box Tops heaven when we walked in this past weekend! SO MANY products have Bonus Box Tops right now!! Get out there and check them out! HERE IS A LIST of the items that have Bonus Box Tops on them!

Anytime I put together things for the school or friends, I ALWAYS use Box Tops products! It's a great way to get quality items AND help out the school! Here you can see the collection bags I made to hand out to the families of the school. Using ZIPLOC bags and AVERY labels!
The Box Tops website is a great resource that can help you out with your budget too! They keep coupons here for participating products! You can also find out what type of local promotions are going on in your area and recipes!
Have any questions? Ask here or flag me down if you see the BOX TOP in the back window of my van! I love to help support our school, it's something so small that can make a huge difference! 



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