Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Over....

Yesterday after school, I picked up the kids and we headed to the Children's Museum in town. As they played in their uniforms, I realized how Summer is really over! They are completing their first week of school already and having so much fun. With the heat still blazing in the Midwest, it's hard to believe that school is here.

Our long bike rides must now wait until the weekends and only if there is nothing else planned with school sports and the like...

Our lazy mornings spent miniature golfing are now on hold until Saturdays and only if daddy has not been called into work, because it's so much more fun if we're all together!

Now we have to go to the zoo during the weekend when it will be crowded and visited by all the other people with children in school.

As the Winter nears, our walks will be darker, since they have to take place after school and after homework is done....I certainly will miss Summer.


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