Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Read with Props!

I always find that when you add props to a story book, it makes it so much more fun! My kids love re- enacting the story as I read along and then they take turns reading the book as the others play with the props. 
A toilet tube Pigeon from the Mo Willems books was a fun project to undertake! We did this together and couldn't wait to have him perform in our puppet shows!

Add in a bus prop and NOOOO!!! Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, becomes so much more fun and exciting! one little hand held up pigeon, the other moved the bus and the 3rd  read the book! Mommy got to sit back and watch.

Adding in a little puppy!

A fluffy teddy bear and blanket and this Pigeon is ready for a nap!
We made up interactive page sheets for our favorite Mouse and Cookie book too! It was fun to make together and read as we created. Now the kids even play with the pages without reading the book word for word, but from their memory! The cookies come off and on with velcro, the napkin comes off, the tinfoil acts as a mirror and the straw can come out of the glass!
I just made up a fun sheet of Hungry Caterpillar Props too! These have been a blast to play with! Check them out HERE! Props turn reading into a game! It's a game that never seems to get tired! Do you use props when reading?

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