Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello Monday! I apologize for not updating you all on our Virtual Vacation, it has been a busy weekend and day! I will update tomorrow. My children had their physicals today, followed by eye exams and then a quick grocery stop and shop as we had not been home at all this weekend. We cam home and of course the kids wanted to play outside, so we took off on our bikes!
The sun was so fierce, that the kids were aiming for each and every sprinkler that hit the sidewalk! It became a game to see who could get the most wet and the shots of the morning were easily forgotten!
Out of nowhere the skies darkened and thunder rolled, we quickly ran inside, to have our home shake after a particularly blinding flash of lightning! This will be an interesting storm to ride out! Enjoy your evening everyone! After the kids change into dry clothes, we are off to play a fun game of SEQUENCE and then an easy Caprese Salad and garlic bread for dinner!
The weekend was just as busy with getting my 15 miles in and volunteering at BINGO and finishing up the school supply shopping! I can't believe I'm still standing! hahah!!  How was your Weekend and Monday?

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