Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things I Love...

Happy Sunday, hope you all are having a wonderful day! This is just a little collection of things that I fell in love with this week! I love when my little ones take a nap. It gives me a moment of peace and a chance to watch how tranquil they are. It's the love of innocence.

I love staying active as a family! Taking those morning runs alone, sometimes just has me wishing I had other people with me! Biking is one of our favorite things to do together.

Their artwork is something that always makes me smile when I go in the fridge. I only keep 1 piece from each child on the fridge at a time, to avoid clutter. Just looking at this photo makes me smile!

I love seeing creativity in my children. I was busy working when they came out and asked me for tape. After awhile, they brought the entire packing tape roll back EMPTY! I knew that I now had to find out WHAT they did! I popped into the playroom and found that they had made a phone booth! hahah! They asked for red paint, so that they could make it look like 'London'! Lol! They are learning and having fun and that makes me a Happy Mommy! Enjoy your day!



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