Monday, August 1, 2011

Virtual Destinations and Beyond! India to China

Namaste! India last week was an absolute blessing. It was truly amazing and so much fun. We fell short of some of things we wanted to do, but not to worry we will still squeeze them in at some point in time!

Did you know that it took 1,000 elephants to carry all the materials for the Taj Mahal when it was built about 370 years ago? We colored our own Taj Mahals and ours were so colorful, that I think they would fit right in in the bright and colorful Country of India!
Rubber is a large export of India! We took 2 normal household ingredients and made our own rubber blobs!  These were fun to play with, but we couldn't get them to bounce! If we had added corn starch, they would have had more shape and enough dexterity to bounce about 1 foot high! This is one of the projects we will attempt later!
Curry Chicken was a success and many of my friends were surprised to hear the kids talking about how good it was at our play date on Friday! I always tell them that if you let kids in the kitchen, they will always try (and most often like), anything that they cook! Yes, the process took us longer than it would had I been alone, but we had fun, made great food and ever lasting memories! My kid's eat all kinds of food in restuarants and at home and that's because I have always let them cook in the kitchen, pull weeds in the garden, pick their own plants to grow and even cut their own herbs! Kids just want to be included!
In India, they dance and tell stories with their hands, while wearing rows and rows of bells on ankles and wrists! We made our own with pipe cleaners and these were a fast favorite! They wore these the entire day and then some the next.
I printed out a plain flag of India and read the kid's a simple description and with this description, they were challenged to color the flag as it should be. It was a great test in Listening Skills! They loved learning as many facts as they could absorb:
 The Flag of India. The colours are saffron, white and green. The navy blue wheel in the center of the flag has a diameter approximately the width of the white band and is called Ashoka's Dharma Chakra, with 24 spokes (after Ashoka, the Great). Each spoke depicts one hour of the day, portraying the prevalence of righteousness all 24 hours of it. 
Our trip was enchanting for sure! There is so much more that we did, you can look at the sheet I made up for our fellow travelers HERE! Thank you so much for joining us, it's time for another plane ride!

Ni hao!
Our flight from New Delhi, India to Hong Kong, China is 4 hours and 51 minutes. We left early in the morning, so that we can arrive in the afternoon. The time difference is only 2 days, so there is not any jet lag to worry about! We have so much planned for this little trip and we are even hoping to squeeze in a trip to China Town, but it's a busy week, so not too sure if we will make it.
I will have the kids build their own Great Wall of China, while I read some facts about the longest structure ever built. 

My kids studied Chinese last year, so they are more than ready to tackle the numbers we usually do in each Country! I've also added in the alphabet for them too! We will look at the Chinese the Chinese Zodiac and see if the kids can find their birth years and read the information about it! 

We also plan on making a dragon! So much to think of and do, we can't wait to get started! I will share more as the week goes on and of course next Monday! Thank you for following along with us!

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