Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Treasures...Recycled Fun

It's time for another episode of recycled treasures! We love to reuse items here in this house, as proof that it's possible to turn something into anything! we also love to do it, because it saves the earth just a little bit. Today, we are in the mood for a scavenger hunt and since it's cooled down a little bit, we are taking it outside! As we grabbed our outdoor field guides, magnifying glasses and specimen containers, an idea hit!
We needed something to hold all our goodies, so that we didn't have to keep digging them out of the backpack and I knew just the thing. A quick rummage in our recycling bin and I found this fantastic container, that housed kiwi's! I punched a hole on each side, added a pipe cleaner handle and then the kids taped some fun animal shapes on each side! We had all our goodies contained!
As the kids began their hunt and collection, they all began to wander in search of the next big thing! Their specimen jars were full in no time and we lounged around outdoors having lunch too. They were not ready to go in yet, so another idea was born!
I ran inside and printed out a fun scavenger hunt sheet, this was made up of items actually found in our neighborhood! This way, we would incorporate a walk into a nature hike and scavenger hunt all in one! I laminated it, punched a hole in it and added a book ring. Now it was ready for the kids to clip wherever they wanted to keep it handy! Add in a dry erase marker to the tool bin and we were set.  This was so that they could put the initial of the person who found that item on the photo, to keep track of who found what! Oh wait! We need more specimen containers!!
Another rummage through the bin and egg cartons were produced! I only needed 1 for this, but we made 3 just in case they wanted to use them in the back at a later time!  I added a pipe cleaner handle through each side and we had an open specimen container! This way, they could put a small sampling of each item in each of the smaller cups, for us to observe once we got back to home base! 
What have you recycled lately??
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