Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Treasures...Recycled Fun

It's time for another installment of Recycled Treasures! This one was fully inspired by my husband. He was cleaning out our media cabinet and ended up tossing these in a bag, I asked him why they were there and when he said garbage, I knew exactly what had to be done! We saved them from their doom and had a project lined up by afternoon!

With the CDs, I had an idea for a 3 tiered dessert server for the kids when they play tea party and restaurant. A little glue, some cups and a pipe cleaner and they were all set. I gave them generic instruction and this is what they came up with!!  
That same day, they had to load it down with snacks and take off for a fun restaurant party in their room. It has been about a week now and it's still holding strong and it is played with daily!

After making our Crafty Center for the kid rooms, I knew I wanted something similar for my studio, but I wanted the kids to be able to help out. I took out all of the jewel cases and tried to get working from there.

This entire organizer is made up solely of jewel cases and tape! I then let the kids tape on the decorations on the outside.

 Had I made it on my own, I would have used mod podge to put photos of my family on it, but I decided to let the kids have at it.
Each section was made with a purpose, to fit exactly all that things that I needed to keep at hand while working in my studio space.

This is my absolute favorite piece, it's so much fun and a very versatile piece. I can't believe how sturdy it actually is and it hold all that I need! Even a small slot just for my scissors.

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