Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun with Food...

I love getting creative with school lunches. I am always on the look out for fun cookie cutters, unique lunchboxes (This is a gingerbread house) and foods that are begging to be tried and made tiny or shaped in some way.

Condiment containers are a mom's best friend! They offer a whole new variety without having to send a large amount of dips, yogurt etc! I use them for fruit snacks, ranch, yogurt dip, granola, walnuts and so much more! The uses are really endless!

I love to very up lunches as much as I can. No 2 lunches are ever the same! The best part is, that it never takes me longer than 15 minutes to do lunches and this is making 3 lunches!

These small containers from Ziploc are another of my favorites! They come 8 to a pack and even come with Box Tops! Mom is in heaven! (oh wow, I can't imagine college me EVER saying that!!) I use these to make large containers of yogurt and such into small snack-sized ones. This is MUCH cheaper than buying individual yogurts and is so much more friendly for the environment.

There is ALWAYS a note SOMEWHERE for my little ones, half the fun is them finding it! It's never hard to do and sometimes can be done with just masking tape! I love letting my little ones that I am always thinking of them.

Another Ziploc container that offers an AWESOME lunch opportunity is this divider container. They are so fun (box tops too!) and they are a way for this mom to give the kids a healthy alternative to those lunchables they are always trying to throw in my cart!

I save to much and this plastic cupcake container is just another thing that helps make snack time fun! This one came as a cover for a pack of disposable cupcake tins that I needed for a school event. a variety of food can be offered for very little hands and great for portion control!

Apple cars are always a fast favorite that get loads of compliments! The boys request them all the time and even like looking at the pictures of them! haha!

Serving up food in creative ways always has them eating and looking forward to trying new foods! Add in a lazy susan and some fondue forks and everyone was smiling!



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