Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun with Food...

Today, I broke out the Halloween Cookie cutters and picks! They dress up a snack box perfectly!

No cookie cutters? Get creative with string cheese!

Use your cutters in the smallest of places for a fun eye spy game!

Freshly baked blueberries made with fresh berries in the morning, seemed to set the tone for the entire day!

Store your carrots and celery in Ball jars with a bit of water! They will last so much longer and the kids will love grabbing them every now and then for a quick snack!

Cute containers make simple lunches more fun! (Dollar store for a 2 pack!)

Handmade Bento Straps are heading to MY SHOP soon! They pull together a lunch just perfectly and also give the kids a smile when they see which one I sent!

Save those dip packets when you eat out! They are perfect for lunches and can just be tossed!

Sometimes the simplest snacks are simply the best! 

Let your children plant and harvest their own garden and these veggies will all disappear in no-time!



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