Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun with Letters!

My little guy and I have been having fun with letters lately. Even though he knows his letters, recognition is always good at any level. We used pipe cleaners to make the letters of the alphabet, then took turns assembling them to make up the names of family members. He had a lot of fun with this one, and even wanted to move on to our extended family names!

When he was first starting to learn his name, I took a book ring and flashcards and popped his name onto 1 ring. I then did this for basic words like MOM, DAD and YES, NO. I keep these on a command hook (removeable) on the side of the learning nook bookshelf! They are easily accessible and always used!

I took this sheet of letters and printed it out 2 times and laminated it as well. I then cut out each letter individually and it became an instant memory game. We also use them to spell words or names and with our alphabet clothespins (lower case) to match them up.

There are so many things you can find around the house that are perfect for letter recognition! The upper case and lower case clothespins are in a bin and then I added some alphabet bulletin board pieces and another instant matching game.
Alphabet cookies are tasty and fun when paired with an alphabet place mat, it's fun to search for letters in the bowl and then match them up on the mat!

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