Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun with Words and Letters!

After reading an awesome blog post this past week, I got straight to work on making my very own Word Wall! This hangs proudly in our dining room, where my children can sound out and get familiar with sight words. My oldest already knows these, but it's fun hearing her help out her little brothers!

My youngest, at 3, is still a bit young for reading, so we have him working on writing his name. He does well with his first name, but struggles with his last. I made him these flashcard rings, 1 for each name. He carries them everywhere and they help familiarize him with all the letters in his names. This has been a great success for him!

We worked on spelling out the entire family in names out of pipe cleaners! This was an absolute blast for him and I and we spent some wonderful quality time together. He is really thriving, now that the big kids have started school and he has some time alone with me!

Another fun letter recognition game we play on the road, is to try and find the letters that are located in your name! This one is where he found the R in Roman! For the older kids, I like to spice it up, but giving them each a flashcard with a word on it and they have to find the letters in that!


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