Thursday, September 15, 2011

Geometric Shape Game!

After purchasing a to-go salad, we were left with a container that I couldn't bring myself to throw away! I saved it, while I set my brain on THINK mode and it came to me! We made a fun game out of it. I purchased a set of geometric shape punches at the local Teacher Store and glued some to a circle that fit the top of the lid. For a longer lasting game, I put it on the inside of the lid. I also purchased a spinner set from the store so that we could make our own games and this was perfect.

1st. Spin and see what shape you get.
What I love most about this game, is that it all stores within itself! It makes a great game to take on the road when we are staying in a hotel or even camping and if I am taking a larger bag, I can even pop it right into my bag.

2nd. Look at the geometric shape sheet above  and see the name of the shape.
3rd. Say the name of the shape aloud.
I printed this out on card stock and then laminated it. This way it is sturdy and can be wiped clean if they decide to use a dry-erase marker on it. This sheet offers 2 more shapes than I have in the shape kit, but I liked keeping them on the sheet, as it offers them a challenge. 

4th. Find the shape in the bowl.
5th. Match it to the shape on the shape game sheet.
1st person to get 4 of each shape wins!

The GAME SHEET can be found HERE. This is a game that my youngest really seems to get into and he loves saying the names of the shapes all day. I have often caught him looking for the shapes out in the stores and saying what he finds. I love being able to create games for my little ones!!



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