Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make Your Own Granola Bars!

My children are huge granola bar fans as am I! One thing I noticed, was that we always had fresh granola on hand, because I love to nibble on it as a snack throughout the day and the kids love it on their yogurt. With all the preservatives in granola bars, I wondered if we could do this on our own with a fresh and healthy angle!

I pick up fresh granola at the farmers market every 2 weeks. It's absolutely phenomenal all on its own, but when sprinkled with fruit or yogurt it's almost magical! hahaha!

Take your granola and flour and mix them together in a bowl to make sure that everything is coated perfectly. Set that aside and simmer your honey, brown sugar and butter over the stove until it is all melted perfectly. Take your pan and pour your mixture over the granola and mix it up well.

Press the entire mixture into a baking dish. I used a cookie sheet, so mine would be thinner. Make sure to spray some PAM on your dish or sheet so that nothing sticks. After you have pressed them in, begin making your slices. Once this cools, it will be more difficult to cut through. Leave on counter or fridge for a few hours to harden. I let mine sit overnight.
I posted this recipe on Facebook and within the next week there were a total of 9 people in my feed that had tried out this recipe and loved it!! The best part? It's SO EASY to do!!

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