Monday, September 19, 2011

Marathon Update!

Saturday was my 20 mile training run. It was brutal near the end and I'm pretty sure I cried midway through, but you know what? When I finished, I was elated! I was smiling, happy and albeit sore, I knew I could still go through with the final 5 miles. (We actually did 21.2) The end of that run told me something super important, it told me: 'Heck YEAH, I can DO THIS!' As many of you know, I have been doubting myself lately. My time isn't getting any better and some of the shorter runs can really do me in, but I haven't given up and I don't plan to on October 9th either.

As fate would have it, Saturday's mail also held the Participant Guide for the marathon! WHOA! After thumbing through it, I was definitely on information overload. As I have mentioned before, this is my first Marathon EVER...wait, this is my first run of anything EVER. I have never run before, unless you count the painful mile in gym class! I started dabbling in running when I turned 30 and wanted to turn my life in a healthier direction, then this opportunity came up and I thought: 'what the heck?!' HAHAHAHA....ohhhh to be that naive again! I should have started with a 5K, but oh well that ship has sailed and I am 3 weeks until the marathon. Where on earth did the time go?!
I have gone through so many ups and downs during this training period and you want to know the hardest part of it all? The running? NO. The early mornings? NO. The simple fact that my beautiful boots no longer zip up my calves! OMG, I was honestly in tears that morning. I am a slave to my shoes and bags and when this little thing happened, I seriously melted!! How ridiculous is that?! LOL.
I want to remind you all what I am doing this. I am doing this for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. I am raising 2000.00 and am half way there. I hope that you can see how much I have worked and given especially now that my 20 miler is out of the way and I am still alive. If you can donate as little as 1.00 it would be great. These houses do so much for sick children and their families. I only ask if you can help, if you can't, it's totally understandable. 

Please just keep my mother and I in your prayers as we attempt to tackle this hill together. Not only have we gotten into better shape, we have gotten to know each other more. Long runs have a way of bringing out long talks. To my mother, I would like to say: 

Thank you for giving me life twice. This time you have brought out something new in me and made me feel more alive. I love you.



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