Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pipe Cleaners and Magnets!

Learning about magnets always seems to be a fan favorite for the little ones, they love to explore their world and see what they can get to stick to their giant magnets and what will not. My youngest still considers it magic and thinks of himself as Harry Potter, when he has his wand handy!

For this fun activity, we took our scissors and a variety of pipe cleaners. I began cutting them down into smaller sticks and eventually my little guy decided to join in on the cutting fun too!

Roman hunted around for a container that was clear and had a lid that fit on rather snugly. This was a great little treasure hunt for him! Next, he loaded in all our strips into the container and snapped lid on tight.

Let the fun begin! He was able to realize what would stick to his wand and what wouldn't. Keeping the magnetic wand on the outside of the container and waving it around the exterior showed him how magnetic properties worked. I also threw in a marble, penny, paperclips and piece of metal chain, this allowed him to see what was alike and different from the pieces that did and did not get attracted to the magnet.

His favorite, was making stars out of the pipe cleaners, too bad he got upset when they would fall to the bottom after he removed the wand. This is such a fun and easy project to do with little ones!


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