Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday...

Today, I share a collection of random thoughts with you.
After my run, I was behind the cutest older couple. I had passed them several times on my run and always heard them laughing, telling stories and holding hands. I hope to be this happy, active and in love with my husband when we get older. Love is truly amazing!

My mother works for a large corporation that rents out the Chicago Land 6 Flags for a night, just for the corporate employees. We had an absolute blast spending time together as a family! My husband has been working so much, I almost forgot how amazing it is to be together for a full day!

My 3 kids are still loving school and loving being silly in the morning! Isn't it so much easier to get everyone out the door by 7am, when they all love their destinations? I'm truly Blessed!

The marathon is closing in on me and I can't believe it! I am in the single digits of days (9) and am actually still getting a bit anxious, nervous and doubting...This is my quote of the day! I am trying and that's all that matters.....right?



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