Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday Treasures...Recycled Fun

Hello everyone! Welcome to a fun recycled Treasures post! My little guy and I are enjoying our last week at home together. He starts school for the first time ever on Monday (*tear*). What will I do without him? Will I do crafts and activities alone??? I was actually hoping he wouldn't get in to our 1st choice preschool, so that I could homeschool him some more and keep him close! LOL! 
I have 3 kids that are constantly fighting over who gets to water the plants! They have tiny watering cans from the Water Table, but of course they constantly need to be refilled. I have 1 large one, that they all want to use and it becomes a sharing game, where there are often squabbles. I came up with this idea on one of those days! Heading straight to the Rubbish bin, I found a couple large juice gallons that we had and I washed them out thoroughly. I took a drill to the lid and cut in 35 smaller holes and then about 6 larger holes.

Screw the cap back on and you are set to water! My youngest was loving that fact that he was the only one home today as we headed out to water the trees and test out our new treasure! He quickly decided to walk up the block and water everyone's grass as we walked!

Our front yard tree was his favorite to water, as he said it was very very thirsty! See how easy this was!? It took literally no more than 5 minutes and has already produced hundreds of smiles!

Share a link to your recycled project in the comments below!


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