Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Count to 100 in Style!

My son is learning to count to 100 and tends to get bored easily, especially when we are reviewing daily! I like to get creative with counting. Flashcards, post-its, poker chips, pennies etc. When I came across this bag of fun Halloween Erasers, the idea came right away!

I mixed up the erasers and counted out 100. Next, I printed up a 100s sheet and got to work with my little guy. He counted each number and put a little eraser on the box. As he got higher in the counting, he began to make patterns too! He had a lot of fun the best part is, that these counters can be used for various other counting games too!
Another day closer and we are now tapering down our runs. Only 3 miles today and then 2 tomorrow. I cannot believe how this day is now almost here. Where did the time go?

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