Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy and Fun Cookies!

1 large sale at the grocery store = Fun for everyone!

I was shopping super quick for produce to go in lunchboxes this week, when of course I got suckered in to the rest of the store by the sales. Nila Wafers for 1.00, Betty Crocker Confetti Sprinkles for 1.00 and Marshmallow Creme for under .96! This all had my brain brewing and before I knew it, I had a super easy snack for my little ones to help out with! Spread the Creme on 1 cookie with a plastic knife (No need to clean up then!) and then add another cookie on top (Sandwich style). Smash them together, so a little creme oozes out and then roll in a dish of confetti! (I poured the sprinkles in a little tupperware container, for easy rolling!) This is so easy that even the little ones can get involved! ENJOY!!



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