Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun with Food!

Skewers always seem to make food more fun! Wine, cheese and grapes make the perfect snack for everyone!

Don't just serve up plain hot chocolate, add a toppings plate to watch everyone create their own concoction! Not pictured: Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon, White Chocolate shavings

An egg mold pretty much guarantees a lunchtime smile!

Keeping fruits washed and easily accessible make them so hard to resist for little and big hands alike! We go through fruit like crazy when it's on display!

An ordinary snack can be made super fun with colorful and seasonal picks! They also take the place of forks! What child doesn't like eating with toothpicks?

Having trouble getting your wraps to stay together? Make them the night before, wrap them in wax paper and  have them sit in the fridge overnight! Works like a charm every time.

Keep your fruit chilled by freezing small containers of yogurt. They will defrost by lunchtime and be perfectly ready to eat!
More fun with fruit? Print out and have your little ones play the FRUIT FILL-IN GAME! Colorful, fun and educational all bonuses in my book!



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