Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Roman! Today marks the 4th birthday of my 'baby'! How quickly these 4 years have passed and how much I want to hold him as a newborn just 1 more time. Where on earth did 4 years just go? I am afraid to blink, because I swear that is how quickly he grew up. My husband and I remember taking tuns every night as he woke up crying. Born deaf in 1 ear and hospitalized on and off consistently within these 4 years for his ears, his tonsils, RSV, we have been through so much with our special little boy. His growing up is a sign of so much more.
I covered his floor with 100 balloons after he fell asleep last night and if I had the lung power, I would have gone for 100 more. He woke me this morning at 5am with his giggle and laughs of excitement as he played with his 'balls' I've never seen a happier wake up and I know that this is something we must continue to do for our little man. 50 of them were filled with dollar bills and the other 50 with rolled up notes and colorful paper. This way they all had to be popped to find out which was which! Easy Clean-Up and so much fun was had!

He had a party at school with cupcakes, apples and candy bags. They even got to wear pajamas to school and read his favorite book (Llama Llama red Pajama!) it was quite a successful day for him.

I love you little one, more than you will ever know. As the baby, you hold your own little special piece of my heart and I hope that all your wishes and dreams come true. I promise to give you the best of every opportunity and allow you to spread your wings. My wish for you, is to find true happiness and to to never be afraid to live your dreams. Always remember how cool, awesome, fun and smart you are and never ever forget that no matter how bad or hard things may get, Mommy and Daddy will always be here to pick you up, dust you off and send you on your way again. You will change the World, as you have already changed mine.



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