Monday, October 3, 2011

Rainy Day Counting Activity!

As the rain pelted down last week, we were stuck inside most of the afternoon (well, after we played outdoors for a bit!). My children always love the art box and one of their favorite activities is cutting. Since it was just my little guy and I at home, I quickly came up with a fun and super easy game to play. 
I printed out the umbrella page and then gave my son some scissors, a glue stick and a variety of dice to pick from. I made up this fun worksheet along with instructions, easy for you to print HERE! The general idea of the game is for the child to roll the dice and then cut out however many rain drops they rolled and paste them anywhere on the umbrella page. This is a great game for number recognition when they count the dots, identify the number and then they learn counting as the count each rain drop they create. Repetition is so very important at this age!
Of course it would not be a proper activity if it was not served with homemade cookies and milk! This gavbe us fuel to keep on going and going and going!
It's Marathon Monday....this means the countdown has officially begun as the marathon is on Sunday...THIS WEEK! OMG! I'm taking it as easy as I can and now just praying and knowing that all the training I had done this far is going to be enough to get me through!!

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