Friday, November 4, 2011


I am an 80's girl at heart, I love the music, the clothes, the movies...EVERYTHING! So this is a quick project that anyone can put together in no time at all! Grab your button stash, old or new and join me. I have a HUGE collection of vintage buttons that I love to create with, so this is heaven for me to work with.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it's time to bring up that Winter bin and toss the clothes that you have NO IDEA as to why you saved! BUT WAAAIIIIITTTT!!! Grab those sweaters and give them a NEW LIFE, we're making LEG WARMERS! Don't leave your little girls out either, this project is so easy that my 6 year old has joined me too. Take all the old sweaters that you have no use for and cut off the sleeves. You can hem up the cut edges, but I leave them raw, since I let the bottoms of my legwarmers graze the floor and they get torn up pretty easily.

Once you have those sleeves cut off, add decorative buttons at the top of the leg warmer. They look so cute, that my only problem is to decide which pair to wear tomorrow!! I love to also cut some shorter and tuck them into the tops of my boots so that just the decorative cuff hangs out to look like a super cute sock! I do this more with thicker long sleeve shirts that I am about to hand off!! Hope you love this! Have an excellent weekend my friends.


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