Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thursday everyone! Can you believe it is ONE WEEK until Thanksgiving?! Where on earth did the time go? It's time for my final installment of Thankful Thursdays in November. I wish you all a wonderful day and know that I am always thankful for each one of you that takes a minute to read what I have to say in this little neck of the woods!
1. The ability to send my children to a private school. This is something we saved for the minute our first was born and I am so happy that we are able to do this for them.

2. My best friend. Her and I have taken different paths in life and I am so happy that when we get together everything is as good as it ever was. We may not be able to talk often, but it's still a friendship that I hold dear.

3. Disney World. This sounds very crazy, I'm sure but Disney World is the one place that we can vacation to constantly and the minute we pass through that archway everything in the real world disappears! 

4. My education. My parents did all they could to send me to a private school and on to college and I appreciate every single thing that they did. 

5. People that work in retail. It's not an easy job, but many of you all handle it with such awesomeness that I often leave a store smiling because 1 small comment can change the outlook of an entire day!

6.  Having a youngest in preschool. He goes to school for 2.5 hours daily and my husband works second shift. For those 2.5 hours, we have an awesome time getting to know eachother all over again without children around. We have quiet breakfasts, mornings at the library, coffee dates, catch a movie, grocery shopping, read together etc. 

7.  Our Soldiers. Thank you to those amazing men and women that risk their lives every single day to keep my family and I safe. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how thankful I am to all of you and to your families that also sacrifice so much for you to protect us.

8. The Library. Nothing can bring about a sense of peace on a hectic day than walking though the oak doors of the library. It's an oasis to me that will forever remind me of long afternoons as a young girl. Picking out a book is always an adventure.

9.  My Grandparents. I have 2 left, but as a child, I had all 4 and they were the most amazing people that had an incredible influence on who I have become. Their love for each other became a shining example of marriage for me. 

10. Who I am today. I thank the good Lord, my parents and grandparents for creating who I have grown up to be. I am happy with the person that I see in the mirror and that's all anyone could ever ask for.

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends, may it be Magical and full of so much Love and Blessings...


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