Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...errr Tuesday!

Menu Planner Page

With Halloween falling on a Monday, we have been a little behind on the menu posting! Mainly, because it was such a day full of running around, sugar and trick--or-treating in another neighborhood! For this reason, we went out to dinner with friends. Today we will begin our week of menus!

Do you use an actual menu planner? I use the photo above. This allows me to plan out all 3 of my meals (yes, I really do!) and then keep a running ticker of what I need to purchase on the same page. I then pop it into a page protector and hang it on the fridge.

Sunday trip to the Farmers Market

What's On Our Plate!
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with Chive & Dill Potatoes
Wednesday: Build Your Own Pizzas with Bread Sticks
Thursday: Ham with Green Beans and Glazed Carrots
Friday:  Beef Stew
Sunday: Dinner with Mom & Dad! 

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