Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Write in Books!

Do your children love books? Do they love to color? Sometimes my kids have a tendency to combine these 2 loves into a book that was not meant for writing in :) I decided to remedy that problem and turn every book into a write in book for them!

All you need is a sheet protector and a pair of scissors! Cut the long side of the sheet protector, so that your page is now only held together by the bottom side. 

 Slip it right over any page they want to use and it's ready for action! These are most popular in seek-and-find books! They can check off what they find and circle where they are! In regular books, they can search for sight words or draw their own pictures. They can make funny pictures on the normal photos as well!
Another popular use for these sheet protectors are on workbooks, they last longer OR allow 3 kids to do the popular pages!!

Little hands have loved this project so much that they often ask for more and more pages! Hope you enjoy it!

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